Cheap All Inclusive Holidays to Corfu | The Riveting Green Island

Bask under the sunny Mediterranean weather or melt into the huge forestland. The emerald island of Greece is a delight for backpackers. Travel across this Island and choose Cheap All Inclusive Holidays to Corfu. By choosing all Inclusive offers you will get ample opportunities to look beyond sea and tan and delve into its rich history and culture. Greek Islands are pleasant and majestic. Indeed, the rich heritage and culture are omnipresent around Greece. Discover Corfu and choose various sightseeing. The rich mythology would certainly sway any mortal, and the landscape would mesmerize any globetrotter. Corfu is certainly a great pick for a vacation.

Beaches in Corfu

The Island is surrounded by magical coast with soft sand to unwind and a great

place to savor the sunshine. On Holidays to Corfu, the choices are plenty when it comes to beaches. The north, south, east and west is full of exotic seafronts. To begin with, the historic Corfu Town on the east coast is the best place to be. It is historic and the coast is idyllic. Watch the Venetian architecture and then jump into the shallow waters of Faliraki Beach for a refreshing swim. Anemomilos Beach is located in proximity to the town. This beautiful small coast is loved by tourists and locals. Enjoy the laidback vibes at Agios Ioannis Peristeron and the serene beach which is perfect for a family.

Sidari in North Coast is a fairy tale especially the channel of Canal D’Amour where one can meet the soul mate after swimming through the channel. Tranquility atmosphere, golden sand, and pristine water are the characteristics of the North Coast.

West Coast is full of green covered cliffs and plenty of hiking trail. Enjoy the eye-catching emerald coast around Rovina beach. Head towards the southern coast which is popular for eco-tourism; swim through the serene water of the Issues beach and savor the bounties of Nature.

Historical Sightseeing around Corfu Town

There is a plethora of sightseeing around this UNESCO town. The entire town is listed under UNESCO heritage. Explore the Venetian, Byzantine, British and French reminiscences. The Venetian museum of Asian art is exceptional. Corfu Holidays is aesthetically appealing. Walk around the old cobbled streets. The old Fortress is a 15th-century Venetian structure that gives a remarkable view of the Albania Sea. The New Fortress is another magnificent sight. It was built to protect against the Ottoman invasion. Visit the main square liston built by the French. Also, the Cricket pitch around the square is British. Corfu town is an amalgamation of myriad cultures.

Museums in Corfu

To explore the cultural wealth visit the museums. The museums deals with art, culture, and history.  Also, there are war museums and museums related to local food. Walking through the Folkloric Museum is like living in the traditional 19th-century village. The olive museum is about the traditional way of extraction of Olive oil which was integral to the Island. Solomos Museum is dedicated to Dionysios Solomos who was a Greek national poet. Check out the Traditional Costume museum on this trip and delve into the rich cultural life of the Island.


Boats are quite important to travel around and indulge in sightseeing. There are numerous boat trips from Corfu town and nearby Albania, Paxi and Parga. To relish the beautiful countryside embark on a train tour which is for tourists. It starts from Spianda square and then move towards the Old Town to the bay of Garitsa and eventually to Kanoni. The local bus transport is well-maintained there are blue and Green busses for shorter and longer distances.


Buying a souvenir is a good idea and many handmade products are available around the village region. Look out for embroidered cotton and handmade lace which is quite popular in Corfu. There are several places to buy leather, books, and Jewelry.  Check out the markets for various products, one might find intriguing stuff.

Delicious Culinary

Greek Island is known for mouthwatering cuisine. Moreover, the food is embedded in the rich tradition and culture.  Olive and wine are integral to their cuisine and considered to be an’ elixir of life.’  Cheap All Inclusive Holidays to Corfu is perhaps the best way to enjoy traditional Greek Food. However, Corfu gastronomy is influenced by Italian and Mediterranean dishes. Enjoy a sumptuous lunch or dinner at a traditional tavern. The grilled meat is fabulous. Sofrito, pastitsada and, bourdeto are some of the finest mouthwatering delicacies.