Cheap All Inclusive Holidays to Costa del Sol | A Soulful Journey on the Sun’s Coast

Known as the Coast of the Sun, the sun-kissed coast of Costa del Sol lures many tourists across the world. Lying in the Andalucía Province of Spain, Costa del Sol is home to the historic city of Malaga. The Bastuli and Celtiberian tribes were the first inhabitants in this region. Starting with the Phoenicians, the Carthaginians and the Romans ruled Costa del Sol for several centuries. The beautiful sandy beaches, colorful cultural towns, and the humming historical villages make you fall in love with Costa del Sol. Furthermore, Cheap All Inclusive Holidays to Costa del Sol are popular with the British due to short flight distance.

Historic Sites in Costa del Sol

The sunny coast of Spain is also popular for its several historical sites and ancient remnants. Famous as the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, Malaga is a historical city in the region. Here, explore several historical monuments and charming cathedrals. See the ramparts at Castillo de Gibralfaro including its well-preserved courtyard. Indeed, you discover that Malaga’s flag depicts this fort. The 11th century Alcazaba fort Built by the Hammudid dynasty is a very well preserved old-world site in the region. Furthermore, the roman amphitheater will explain the mighty Romans royalty during Costa del Sol Holidays. Moreover, the Picasso Museum must be on your bucket list while you go to Malaga. Furthermore, admire the grand artwork in the 16th century’s Malaga’s Cathedral. This cathedral houses a museum on the second floor. Explore the artifacts in the museum to know Malaga’s past.

Beach Time in Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol attracts tourists around the world with stunning beaches and long sunny days. The crystal clear waters and sandy beaches provide a plethora of activities to immerse in joy on the sun’s coast. Playa del Canuelo is one of the beautiful beaches in Costa del Sol; the grayish sand and the sight of fish surrounding your feet give otherworldly experience. Moreover, take memorable long walks on the soft sands of Los Alamos Beach in Torremolinos. Playa de Maro in Nerja is a secluded cove to get cozy during Costa del Sol Beach Holidays. Furthermore, hit the urban beaches like La Rada Beach in Estenopa and El Faro Beach in Marbella which have more facilities and amenities. Most importantly, take refreshing sips of cold beer while soaking the sun on Carvajal Beach. Finally, make your kids play and swim at the cleanest and safest Torre del Mar Beach.

Costa del Sol Cuisine

The Costa del Sol cuisine is rich in taste and flavors. Known for long and late dinners, Costa del Sol offers rich Michelin star dinners to the tastiest tapas on streets. The smells and flavors of fresh fish, baby squids, sardines and delicious tapas make your stay fantabulous during Holidays to Costa del Sol. Also, the traditional stews like Gazpachuelo are divinely tasteful; do not miss them. Furthermore, the refreshing wines and beers entice your mood while exploring the picturesque sites of Costa del Sol.

Costs, Coasts, and Clothes in Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol is not just a coastal paradise, but it is also a haven for the shoppers. There is a wide range of shopping centers in this province, but Malaga has the most number of shops and malls. Torremolinos, Fuengirola, and Marbella also give a delightful shopping experience in Costa del Sol. Furthermore, buy some handicrafts, fashion wear, and local products from old town squares. Finally, visit the Atarazanas Markets in Marbella to buy the local produce of quality olives, raisins, and syrups.

Getting around in Costa del Sol

With bus services available from early morning till late in the night, the transport system in Costa del Sol is very comfortable. Hiring a car is the best thing to do while getting around Costa del Sol at your own pace. Furthermore, explore the top attractions of Costa del Sol through themed tour services during Cheap All Inclusive Holidays to Costa del Sol.