Cheap All inclusive Holidays to Crete | Pleasant and Rejuvenating Greek Island

Hippocrates the father of modern medicine, once stated that there is something magical about this Greek Island. The Island possesses a healing touch and it could recuperate the ailing patient. Cheap All inclusive holidays Crete is a combination of resplendent and rejuvenating vacation embedded in the intriguing culture. If the air of Crete Island heals (according to Hippocrates), then the landscape, history, and culture are equally compelling. The thousand-year-old history is blended with an intriguing mythology. Interestingly, the Island is the birthplace of Greek God Zeus who was once the primary deity of Greece. Discover this awe-inspiring Island and savor the beauty around the landscape. The sunshine is ubiquitous to Crete Island.  April to mid-October is an ideal time to visit this Mediterranean Island.

Best Beaches In Crete

Holidays to Crete is a combination of pleasure, serenity, adventure and myriad

sightseeing around the archeological ruins and majestic landscape. Crete beaches are ideal if relaxation is the priority. The Mediterranean weather is irresistible and many hours of sunshine hitting the sand are perfect for a splendid vacation. Savor the balmy weather and soak up vitamin D.  Get some Tan around the beaches sparkling with golden sand. Elafonisi Beach cannot be ignored in Crete.  The pink hue sand is captivating; indeed, the beach is quintessentially Crete-like the restaurants and bars serve authentic food and wine. Balos Lagoon is another pink sandy beach in Crete. Enjoy the warm turquoise water and the relaxed atmosphere. Matala Beach is a tranquil bay with mesmerizing landscape and awe-inspiring archeological ruins. Discover the ancient ruins of Phaistos and the Burial caves of Romans.

Majestic Sightseeing

Diversity is quite visible around Crete Island. This is due to its rich history and various conquests. There is a remarkable influence of Italian, North Africa, Arab as well as Ottoman. Also, mythology adds to its richness. Crete Holidays is indeed an aesthetic tour and quite stimulating. Psychro Cave is a delight for those who love mythology. It does stand apart when compared to other 3000 caves. There is a belief that Goddess Rhea gave birth to Zeus in this Cave, therefore, the place had gained plenty of curiosity. Visit the Minoan Knossos palace which is considered to be the remnant of earliest civilization in Europe. It is located 5 km from Heraklion city. Koules Fortress is a Venetian structure quite integral to Heraklion. The view from the Chrissokalitissa Monastery is breathtaking. Arkadi Monastery is significant and associated to Greek resistance against the Ottomans.

Take a magical tour and blend adventure with archeology. Head towards Mount Ida which is 2456 meters in height. Check out the magnificent landscape and the exotic caves.

Museums and Myriad Collection

Crete is historically enriching. To understand the Islands past in gist, visit the museums. Check out Heraklion Archeological Museum and discover the Minoan artifacts. Chania Archeological Museum exhibits numerous ruins from the Roman period. Natural History Museum is a must-visit. It does provide a unique perspective about the Island and its rich ecosystem. There is a display of pre-historic animals such as Giant Deinotherium.


Commuting is pretty excellent in Crete Island. The Urban blue busses are available around the major town like Rethymnon, and Chania. Renting a car and motorbikes is quite common. Road network is excellent; however, the lanes get narrower around the mountainous regions.


Buy souvenirs around this exotic Island. It is no more the wild untamed region. Crete has several shopping zones to buy several things like shoes and clothes, also interesting handicrafts made by villagers.


Liquid gold Olive oil is integral to Cretan food. Enjoy cheese pie Sarikopitakia, and Kalitsounia while embarking on Cheap Holidays to Crete. Cretan cheese is prepared from goat’s milk and they use the old traditional ways of preparing it. Fried Snails is an exotic dish and Dakos is the favorite among locals.