Cheap All inclusive holidays to Gran Canaria | Explore the Hidden Treasures Around this Miniature world

The Island is distinct and diverse. Discover the Spanish gem around the North African continent. This beautiful Canarian Island is untamed and majestic. Cheap All Inclusive Holidays to Gran Canaria is an ideal way to travel. It is indeed a great idea to opt for all inclusive offers as it takes care of flights, food and drinks. Gran Canaria is volcanic like the other Canary Islands. However, the uniqueness is not limited to landscape, in fact, the beaches are spectacular. Unwind at Las Canteras changing beach which has a unique trait where the place keeps changing. It concurs with Heraclitus quote, “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”

Beaches Around Gran Canaria

The visual treat around beaches is certainly captivating. The beautiful long coastline is ubiquitous on Holidays to Gran Canaria.  The 80 beaches are spread across different regions and directions. Explore different shades of blue surrounded by majestic landscapes. Playa de Maspalomas is an otherworldly beach which has the traits of the Sahara desert and the awe-inspiring coastline of Spain. The dunes are remarkable and the ecosystem is beautifully intertwined with the majestic surroundings.

Playa de Mogán is a manmade wonder also called little Venice. The weather is always pleasant and the windy condition is ideal for banana boating, parasailing, and skiing. Las Canteras is a tourist delight. The long stretch of coastline is ideal for swimmers, sun loungers, and those thrill-seekers looking for water sports. This region is good for scuba diving. And after a tiring day, there are plenty of restaurants serving delicious cuisine.  Experience a rejuvenating vacation around Gran Canaria beaches.

Archeological Park and Museum

Cueva Pintada is a stimulating place for history buffs. It is a delightful place for backpackers and an ideal place to spend time on Gran Canaria Holidays. There are numerous artifacts, paintings, and other exotic items which is quite symbolic to Ancient Canarians. There is an interesting explanation of chronological event that begins from the pre-Hispanic world to the Spanish conquest.

Magical Sightseeing

The landscape of volcanic Canarian Island is dreamlike and akin to a different world. The rock formation is spellbinding and many times it is rather unbelievable to imagine how nature could carve such intriguing structures. Roque Nublo is an iconic landmark. The steep rock which is 80 meters tall conjures an illusion of disappearance amidst the cloud. Take a picture and archive it. It is indeed the most fascinating place around the Island.

Discover the traditional side of Gran Canaria Island at Pueblo Canario. Maybe a good idea if you opt for Cheap All Inclusive Holidays to Gran Canaria. It would provide the flexibility to embark on an adventurous tour. Take your family and delve into the cultural side of this Spanish Island. Enjoy folk music and watch beautiful traditional costumes.


There are local buses (Guaguas) which makes intercity transport easier. Hiring and renting a car is always a good option and a lot more affordable. Meander around Las Palmas on a bike. The city is tailor-made for bikes. Also, the city is a good place to walk around and explore historic sites.


Shop and buy a souvenir or a memento. There are numerous shopping streets around Gran Canaria. Therefore, save money by opting Cheap All inclusive deals. Check out the shopping centers at El Mirador. Yumbo shopping and La Ballena are good places to shop in. Buy local handicrafts or jewelry on this tour. Perhaps window shopping is also a good idea. It would provide ample time to meander around the city.

Incredible Food

Relish the exotic cuisine in Gran Canaria Island. Indeed, Gastronomy is quite incredible around this region; it’s been amidst various continents and cultures. Hence, the rich influence in cuisine is quite evident. The African, American and

European influence had certainly enriched the taste and aroma. Remember to pour Mojo Picón sauce to create an extra special taste. Papas arrugadas are prepared from boiled potato and there is a South American influence on this dish. Moreover, the volcanic nature of the soil makes the potatoes exotic and tastier. Eat Sancocho Canario which is another special cuisine and savor sweet Bienmesabe. Drink a glass of Canarian wine to unwind. End the trip with the rich taste and aromas Of Canary Island.