Cheap All Inclusive Holidays to Kos | An Exotic Journey on Greek Isle

Located in the Aegean Sea, Kos is the third largest Dodecanese Island of Greece.  As the place of Asclepius, Kos holds a special sacred place in Greek Mythology.  As the traces of human life in Kos date back to pre-historic times, Minoans, Achaeans, Dorians and Romans ruled the island. Furthermore, Kos is also the birthplace of Hippocrates – the father of medicine. Cheap All Inclusive Holidays to Kos is a great journey to explore the sparkling sands and glistening sea waters.

Furthermore, Kos is a wonderful place to wander through the alleyways of the old town quarter at Kos town. Get immersed in a wide range of water sports and experience the traditional Dodecanese life at the sleepy villages of Kos.  Moreover, Kos is turning into a great honeymoon getaway with spectacular weather and sceneries.

Historical Places in Kos

Inhabited since the Helladic Period in 2300 BC, Kos has several imprints of the past to traverse through. As the sacred place of Asklepios – the Greek God of Medicine, the Asclepius of Kos is the most visited ancient site on the island. Moreover, the Hippocrates tree is another great attraction in Kos; It is said that great Hippocrates- The Father of Medicine, taught medicine to his students under this tree.  Take a stroll to Kos outskirts to explore the ancient Agora and the harbor. The harbor temple from 2nd century BC, harbor baths and the Temple of Hercules explain the mighty efforts of Kos earlier generations.

Furthermore, the traditional house of Antamachia built with stone explains the past lifestyle of Kos. Finally, a visit to Roman Odeon of Kos is a must thing to do during Kos Holidays. Italian archeologist Laurenzi led the excavation of this Roman open theatre in 1929.

Beaches Time in Kos

Sandy stretches to the secluded coves, Kos offers incredible beaches with abundant activities and entertainment.   Agio Stefanos beach is 3 km away from Kos. Explore the ruined sites along with enjoying the water sports on this beach. The blue flag Tigaki beach is indeed one of the best beaches in Kos. The 10 km stretch of white sand and translucent waters offer a plethora of activities like surfing, sunbathing and water sports. Known as the bubble beach for volcanic air bubbles from the sea, the Paradise beach is the most popular beach in Kos. Situated 35 km away from Kos town, Paradise beach is certainly a paradise for the beach bums to play on soft white sand and crystal clear waters. Furthermore, the sight of bubbles entices the joy of snorkeling in Paradise during Kos Beach Holidays.

The Delicious Greek Cuisine in Kos

The signature of Kos Gastronomy is its fresh ingredients both from the land and from the sea.  Like all Greek isles, Kos also offers rich olives, wild greens, tasty tapas, fresh fish and seafood on a healthy platter. Furthermore, the tastiest wines, honey, and cheese refresh everyone during Cheap All Inclusive Holidays to Kos. By the way, the taverns of sleepy villages of Kos offer the traditional tastes of Greece. Lastly, do not forget that Kos is also famous for vineyards. Hence, go on a vineyard tour to down some of the tastiest varieties of wine before leaving Kos.

Shopping in Kos

The city of Kos on the island offers great boutiques, shopping centers and malls to make shopping exotic during Low Cost Holidays to Kos. Importantly, the reduced VAT ensures that the prices of goods are lower in Kos when compared to other Greek and European cities. Buy the local products of handicrafts, jewelry, and ceramics from the stores. Above all, get home some good wines, fresh olives, and honey from Kos.

Getting Around in Kos

When you are in Kos and looking for a cheaper transport facility, take a blue bus to travel in the city and board a green bus to explore the other places on the island. These KTEL buses charge reasonable prices on tickets. The best way to get into the most secluded parts of Kos is to hire a car or a motorcycle. Further, this helps to get around the island at your own pace and comfort. Explore the exotic coastline of Kos in boats while enjoying the Affordable Holidays in Kos.