Cheap All inclusive Holidays to Lanzarote | Island of Volcano and Landscape

Explore the dreamlike landscape for tipsy deals. Cheap All inclusive holidays Lanzarote is a pocket-friendly option with numerous advantages. Look out for All Inclusive hotels for accommodation. Costa Teguise and Playa Blanca are ideal places to stay and they are in proximity to some of the finest beaches and majestic landscapes.  Puerto del Carmen is the best place for beach resorts. Buy a souvenir at the street market in Puerto del Carmen it could be a memorable artifact that would linger in your mind for ages. The volcanic island is a major touristic attraction around the Canaries.

The Canary Islands are in proximity to the African continent; therefore, the temperature is ubiquitously balmy. The sunshine is everywhere and the turquoise waters blend with the black volcanic soil. The majestic cliff augments the charm and creates an otherworldly effect. Lanzarote landscape is sci-fi like and it resembles a setting from Star trek series.

Beaches in Lanzarote

Sunshine and beaches are quite integral to Spanish Island and there is plenty on Holidays to Lanzarote. The Canarian Island of Lanzarote is close to North Africa. Explore the sandy beaches from the eastern side of the Island. Playa Chica is a great place for family holidays to Lanzarote. It is well-maintained and clean. Playa de Papagayo has altogether three beaches segregated by the volcanic rock formation. The clean waters and the rich marine reefs are ideal for snorkelers. Playa de Farma is surrounded by majestic cliffs. The winds and waves are indeed stimulating and enthralling – perfect for water sports. Playa de las Conchas untamed landscape is mesmerizing and soft golden sandy bay is perfect to unwind.

Landscape and Sightseeing

Lanzarote is a Volcanic Island with a dreamlike landscape. The region had been exceptionally carved by great architect Caesar Manrique. His architectural abilities had indeed transformed the Island into a fascinating tourist hub. The riveting of Timanfaya is a landscape from a different world. The surface is similar to the moon’s surface. The astronauts of Apollo study the landscape and the area.  This unique transformation is the result of a 17th-century volcanic eruption which filled the entire region with lava. The massive eruption occurred for seven long years.

Jameos del Agua is a collapsed volcanic tunnel. It is 6 km long and the entire area is refurbished and redesigned by Caesar Manrique. The entire region is transformed into an auditorium. Cactus garden is once again a remarkable achievement of Caesar Manrique. The 1000 species of Cactus is spectacularly arranged. Many of the Cacti are locally found. The architectural wonders of Caesar Manrique are worth exploring on Lanzarote Holidays.

Museums in Lanzarote

To discover the culture, art and history head towards the museums. House of Caesar Manrique is a must-visit. The island of Lanzarote turned into a touristic wonder due to the ingenuity of Caesar Manrique. The museums include the Museum of History which gives a detailed account of Spanish history on this Island. Agricultural museum is quite amazing and one can taste wine or savor locally prepared goat cheese. There is also a wine museum which provides a detailed account of traditional winemaking procedure.

Transport in Lanzarote

Bus service is limited; nevertheless, hiring a car is quite affordable when compared to the U.K. There are busses from Arrecife Airport; however, it doesn’t cover the apartments, villas, and resorts.

Shopping in Lanzarote

There are numerous shopping centers around Lanzarote. You can find electronic equipment, perfumes, and jewelry at affordable rates. Visit shopping areas at Costa Teguise, Playa Blanca, and Puerto del Carmen. Buy a souvenir at Teguise Sunday Market and also locally produced mojo sauces, cheese, and wine.


Explore the vineyards, and taste the exotic wines. There are organized tours to educate about the wine-making process. Mojo Sauce is everywhere in Lanzarote. Try stew made of goat’s meat. Goat’s cheese is the signature dish of the Canary Island. Relish the La Santa prawns and the Papas Arrugadas made of Canarian potatoes during  Cheap All inclusive holidays Lanzarote.