Cheap All Inclusive Holidays to Rhodes | A Ravishing Journey on the Mighty Greek Isle

Lapped by the Mediterranean, Rhodes is the largest Dodecanese Island of Greece. With excellent year-round climate and attractive sites, Rhodes is a great place to go on a vacation anytime in a year. The lush green forests, famous historical sites, and shimmering beaches make Cheap All Inclusive Holidays to Rhodes is a fascinating journey in your life. Rhodes town is a treasure trove of ancient and Roman remnants. Indeed, Rhodes is a very picturesque Island with charming castles and scenic landscapes to explore on holidays. Furthermore, the Acropolis of Lindos and the ancient city of Kameiros explain the glorious past of this Greece Island.

Historical Journey in Rhodes

Visit the fortified city in the Rhodes old town with sturdy ancient walls. Lose yourself walking on the beautiful cobblestone streets and look at the marvelous architecture of the old buildings. The UNESCO world heritage site ‘The Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights’, is turned into a Museum. Here, the Gothic architecture of this palace amazes you, while the artifacts and mosaics tell the story of Rhodes’ past. The 14th Century Knight’s Quarter on the ancient road, Hammam and Sultan Mustafa Mosque on the streets of the old town are other top attractions in this part of the city. At 40 km away from Rhodes town, the village of Lindos is a great witness to several civilizations. Most important of all, the 4th century BC Doric Temple of Athenia Lindia and Propylaia are must-see sites at the Acropolis of Lindos. Furthermore, the 14th-century castle of St John’s captivates you during Rhodes Holidays.

Beautiful Beaches in Rhodes

With year-round sun and shimmering beaches, Rhodes is a great place to rest, relax and romance on a vacation. Located 8 km from Rhodes town and beauty amplified by pine and palm trees, Kallithea beach is a stunning place to lounge on. The golden sands and the turquoise waters of Agathi beach are perfect to spend peaceful holidays. Named after actor Anthony Quinn, the Anthony Quinn Bay at 20 minutes away from Rhodes town is one of the calmest beaches of this island. Lapped by turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea, the Faliraki is one of the best-equipped beaches with many taverns and restaurants to feast on during Holidays to Rhodes. Furthermore, Faliraki beach is a great place to try water sports including surfing andwater skiing. Moreover, the pebbled beach of Afandou, the lovely bay of Agios Pavlos and the quiet Haraki Beach entice your Beach Holidays in Rhodes.

The Rhodes Cuisine

Influenced by several invasions, Rhodes cuisine has a rich variety and flavors. Fresh fish, meat, wheat, and olives go into the making of the tastiest traditional dishes of Rhodes. The Pitaroudia- the peas fry, Chtapodokeftedes- the octopus balls and the Karavoloi giachnisti – a dish of snails are the delicious traditional starters of Rhodes. However, the main dishes like Matsi – Pasta in meat, Ornitha me loukoumi- chicken in rice, Katsiki stifado – lamb slices in rice are extensively served in the restaurants of Rhodes. Finally, do not end your vacation without downing the tastiest wines and Souma drink in Rhodes.

Shop like a King in Rhodes

Apart from ancient sites, beautiful beaches and delicious food, shopping in Rhodes also excites you on your vacation. With a wide range of shops and malls, Rhodes town is the best place to shop indeed. With exceptional traditional workmanship, Rhodes gold and silver jewelry are the most favorite with the tourists. Buy some medicinal herbs and delicious golden olives during your trip to Rhodes. Also, get some souvenirs, gifts and colorful ceramics for yourself and friends from Rhodes.

Travel like a Local in Rhodes

With several modes of commuting, Rhodes has an excellent network of buses that connect all corners of the island. Furthermore, use the fixed-rate taxis to explore the island during your vacation. Above all, rent a motorcycle to discover the

beautiful interiors of this wonderful island during Cheap All Inclusive Holidays to Rhodes. Finally, the ferry rides connect Rhodes finely with other islands.