Cheap All inclusive Holidays to Tenerife | Explore the Tropical Paradise

The volcanic Canary Island of Tenerife is ideal for adventure seekers and adrenaline junkies seeking enthralling vacation.  A Cheap All inclusive Holidays to Tenerife would include tipsy deals and amazing facilities such as food, drinks and accommodation. Beach bums and revellers can always head towards Playa de la Americas and immerse in the sunshine and music. There are numerous beach bars and restaurants to relish Spanish food. The all inclusive offers help to explore and immerse in the cultural life of the Island.  Hike around the mountainous regions in Tenerife and savor the natural wonders and pristine surroundings.

Dolphins and Whale Watching & Canoeing and kayaking

The warm water of Tenerife is quite enticing.  There are plenty of Dolphin watching and whale watching tour on Holidays to Tenerife. Take an enthralling boat trip from Los Gigantes, or Los Cristianos and embark on a splendid Dolphin watching tour. Nearly 28 species of Dolphins and whale species have been spotted so far. The enchanting coastline can be explored through Canoeing, and kayaking and one can click a magnificent picture of the majestic cliffs.

Beaches in Tenerife

There are nearly 41 miles of golden sandy coastline. Some of the beaches are located around lazy resort towns or serene villages. It is an ideal place to laze around and savor the sunshine. There are beaches with good windy conditions for water sports. Costa Adeje is studded with ten gorgeous beaches like Playa del Duque, and Playa de La Enramada dotted with sunbeds and umbrellas. Playa de las Americas boasts of idyllic golden sandy beaches. It is quite famous for children and families. Troya Beach is attractive and buzzing during summers.

Puerto de La Cruz region is volcanic and ubiquitously ‘Canarian’ in characteristics. The black sandy bay surrounded by majestic cliffs is a breathtaking sight. The best beach is Playa Jardin which is a combination of nature and nurture. Although the long stretch of coastline was untamed and pristine, nevertheless, Caesar Manrique ingenuity and gorgeous design augmented the beauty. Playa Martianez and El Bullollo are two of the majestic beaches with volcanic black sand.

Take your little ones to Siam Park which is a beautiful water park with an artificial lake and water rides on Tenerife Holidays.

Hiking and Sightseeing Around Tenerife

Head towards the untamed mountainous region, which is wild and amazing.  Teide National park is listed under UNESCO. The altitude is highest in Spain and the shadow of the mountain casts on the sea. It is indeed the most remarkable region in Tenerife and culturally significant. The mesmerizing volcanic landscape is dotted with pine trees. Also, one can hire a cable car and get a panoramic view of the region. Masca Mountain is another splendid region in Tenerife. There are several local companies to assist with this arduous tour. However, anyone can venture on a solo tour. Hikers would get a glimpse of the majestic landscape and magical scenic wonders.  High Altitudes, and great location, with nil pollution results in clear sky and awe-inspiring stargazing experience. Tenerife is an ideal place for a fabulous stargazing trip.


Getting around Tenerife is quite affordable. Hiring a car is a good option and it is cheaper when compared to the UK. A good number of Taxis make commuting simple. Buses are frequent and the prices very less, in fact, Bono buses are a good option and they are extremely cheap.


Tenerife shopping would certainly be a pleasant experience. The handicraft, jewelry as well as antiques are found in many regions. Also, take some eatable items from the beautiful Island as the Cheap All Inclusive Holidays to Tenerife would give you the option to buy some goodies like honey, wine, and cheese.

Delicious Food

Dine-in Tenerife and relish exotic cuisine. Guachinche is where one can try local wine and mouth-watering Tapas. Mojo sauce is universal around the Canary Island. Gofio dish is quite symbolic and it is connected to the Spanish civil war. It kept the revolutionary alive and provided enough nutrition. Savor the Puchero Canario stew. Bienmesabe is a delicious dessert. Try Tenerife wine and enjoy the tour.