Cheap Holidays in Algarve | A Refreshing Journey in Portuguese Algarve

Washed by the azure waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Algarve is one of the biggest and popular tourist destinations located at the southernmost tip of Portugal. Apart from tourism, the fresh fish, seafood, oranges, figs, and almonds also add to the economy of this region. Inhabited since the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods, the Phoenicians established trading ports along the coasts of Algarve in 1000 BC itself. There are several cities and shores that have many Roman ruins like bath complexes and fish salting tanks. The golden beaches, secluded coves, and soaring cliffs draw millions every year to embark on Cheap Holidays in El Algarve.

Things to See in El Algarve

As a witness to numerous civilizations, Algarve loves to celebrate its history and

heritage through several festivals and carnivals. Moorish Castle in Silves is one of the primary historical attractions in the region. Built alongside the river of Arade, this red sandstone castle provides spectacular views. Besides, the views of ancient orange grooves will make you marvel at the Moors during  Algarve Holidays.  Visit the most impressive 12th century’s Se Catedral de Silves cathedral below the castle. Indeed, it is surprising to know that the Gothic interior in the cathedral survived the earthquake also. Visit Milreu to discover the ancient roman vineyard, water networks, and baths at Casa Rural das Ruinas. Finally, paddle to Algarve’s iconic seaside Benagil caves and feel the mystical side of the region.

Beach Time in El Algarve

Blessed with a balmy Mediterranean climate and sunny days, the coastline of Algarve boasts some of the best beaches in the world. As every beach looks stunning, even adjectives like ‘picturesque, stunning, spectacular, jaw-dropping cannot do justice in describing the beauty of Algarve beaches. Ponta da Piedade beach in Lagos is a beautiful beach with stunning rock formations, cliffs, and caves. The blue flag beach at Praia dos Tres Irmaos at Alvor looks surreal with rock formations and seaweed. Those who love privacy, hop on to the hidden Praia de Benagil beach at Carvoeiro during Algarve Beach Holidays. Experience the variety at Praia do Camilo, Praia da Marinha and Praia da Coelha in Albufeira and discover that every coast is different in Algarve

Shopping in Algarve

From handmade to high fashion, Algarve provides a great shopping experience at its vibrant shopping centers and traditional gypsy markets. The fashion fanatics can hit Faro to shop for fashion wear, jewelry, perfumes, and other cosmetics. Loule is the best place to buy paintings, sculptures, and traditional goods. Hit the weekly gypsy market on Wednesdays at Quarteira to buy cheap goods and traditional gifts. Further, buy the holiday merchandise at Albufeira during Low Cost Holidays in Algarve.

Food in Algarve

From Michelin starred dinner to the simple fresh delicacies, Portugal’s Algarve cuisine satisfies all tastes and all pockets.  The delicious spicy chicken dish Frango da Guia originated in Algarve, and it is available throughout the country. Algarve is a paradise for the seafood lovers. Fresh from Atlantic, the mouthwatering and

delicious seafood dishes Conquilhas a Algarvia and Cataplana de marisco are a must try. Subsequently, Algarve is a great place to taste the distinct varieties of wine. Freshly produced from vineyards, the tastiest wines of Algarve are available in refreshing whites to reds.

Top Things to do in Algarve

All-Inclusive Cheap Holidays in Algarve offer more than sun, tan and beach. Caves and dolphin watching tours are a great pleasure to discover the great places around the sea. A close encounter with dolphins in peaceful waters is indeed a worthy experience on a vacation. Explore the ancient caves and grottoes through kayak and snorkel trips. In addition, cruise on a boat trip to Ria Formosa Natural Park and live the island life midway at Armona, Culatra, Farol and Deserta isles. Finally, feast on fish and sip the tastiest wines during the wine and tapas tours by bike.