Cheap Holidays in Corfu | Relishing Journey at Resort-studded Shoreline

The resort-studded island is located on the northwest coast of Greece in the Ionian Sea. Mentioned highly in Greek mythology, Corfu gave birth to Phaeaceans as well as its modern name. The geographical location combined with a rich source of fertile lands and plenty of water, made Corfu to witness endless battles in the region. Corfu has beautiful landscapes, lush green pine topped mountains and secluded coves with shimmering blue waters. With fascinating historical places and spectacular surroundings to explore, Cheap Holidays in Corfu captivates all kinds of vacationers while embarking on their journey to this Greek Island.

Things to See in Corfu

Corfu Castles

Wandering through the narrow alleyways of the old town of Corfu will take us along several historical sites of the island. Holding the acropolis fixed by Byzantines called the ‘Sea Tower’, the Old Castle is the most popular attraction in the old town. Indeed, a great sight to watch the sea from this fort. Due to its strategic location, Corfu attracted many emperors including Nero. Head towards the Kassiopi Byzantine Castle where Nero once visited Temple of Zeus. Visit the Venetian fortified entrance at the large bay of Gouvia on Holidays to Corfu and watch the reminiscence of Venetian legacy.

Corfu Beaches

Corfu is not merely for historical sightseeing, it is also a great destination to revel on some of the ravishing beaches in the world. With stunning sandstone formations, Sidari beach is a haven for families, kids, and groups alike. While the water parks, bars, and restaurants entertain everyone, the boat trip to Diapontia Islands will make your Corfu trip a blissful journey. Go all out with activities at the beaches of Gouvia, Dassia and Aghios Gardens. Furthermore, freak-out at fishing Village Roda with splashing, swimming, quad bike safaris, cycling and horse riding

Shopping in Corfu

A holiday without shopping is like tanning on the beach without the sun. Of course, Corfu is a great place to do some shopping and that too with so much excitement and fun. It is indeed quite relaxing that one can chill and enjoy a drink with friendly shopkeepers, while shopping in Corfu. At the same time, you can just say “Kalimera” (Good Day) or “Efharisto” (Thank You) for not buying anything. Indeed, you can bargain a lot on jewelry, clothing and other souvenirs. Kumquat fruit, is quite exotic on this island, it has a unique taste and would trigger sweet memories of Corfu Holidays.

Things to Do in Corfu

Hiring a car is the best way to explore the island. But, hiring a boat is an ecstatic way of exploring the coastal Corfu. Take the walking trail of Corfu to marvel at the variety of Corfu’s scenery in the dunes of Juniper, rugged gorges, plateaus, and beautiful sea views. Go on Olive tasting tours to find some of the premium olives of Greece, like ‘The Governor’. Cycling and mountain bike rides are other great ways to spend your physical energies during Low Cost Holidays to Corfu. As Mentioned in  ‘ The Odyssey’ who was 8th century BC Greek poet Homer, “the legacy of wine in Corfu still endures all.” Don’t forget to add some taste and tinge to your vacation with delicious red and white wines of Corfu.

Eating out in Corfu

The greatness of Corfu’s gastronomy lies in its quality to satisfy both ordinary travelers to the most demanding gourmets. The special flavors of Corfu’s cuisine originate from the island’s long tradition and historical influences. A bowl of wild greens with a good taste of olive, creams like Melitzanosalada and Taramosalda are delicious traditional starters in Corfu. As Greeks love meat, the dishes like Souvlakia- meat sticks, Stifado – veal recipe and Giouvetsi – lamb recipe taste divine when had in Corfu. Finally, the sprinkled and marinated dishes in wine crave your teeth for more during the Corfu trip.

Feel the Emotional Warmth of Corfu

Corfu is not just beaches and sightseeing, but this beautiful Greek Island spreads emotional warmth also. Don’t be surprised and get offended to find the friendly locals cuddle your kids and play with them. Clothes and porcelain crockery’s are far cheaper than UK. Remember that children below six years travel free in Corfu during Corfu Family Holidays.