Cheap Holidays in Rhodes | A Magical and Historic Journey on Greek Isle

Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese isles of Greece. Lapped by the waters of the Aegean Sea in the north and the Mediterranean Sea in the south, Rhodes is one of the most favored tourist destinations in Europe. The refreshing subtropical climate of Rhodes romances the visitors on a holiday. Inhabited since the Stone Age, Rhodes is a mosaic of different cultures and civilizations. Furthermore, the diverse landscape of Rhodes with green-topped mountains offers amazing settings for sightseeing. Above all, the Rhodes coastline dotted with golden sandy beaches and crystal clear waters make you go ecstatic. Embark on Cheap Holidays in Rhodes for a remarkable adventure.

Explore the Intriguing History at Rhodes Old Town

Beyond the myriad beaches, Rhodes has an intriguing history to explore around its

medieval cities and ancient ruins. Saunter along the narrow cobbled streets of UNESCO designated Old Town Rhodes and to listen to the whispers of bygone eras. You will be fascinated to see the gothic architecture, medieval churches and the Palace of the Grand Masters in the old town. Explore the ruins of the baths, temples, houses, public squares, and the amphitheater at the ancient city of Kamiros. Sitting pretty on a 115 meters high rock overlooking the sea, the Acropolis of Lindos is a picturesque archeological site in Lindos Village. This beautifully preserved acropolis is enclosed by battlements and white Hellenistic columns. After exploring the history, relax under the shades of the butterfly park. The colorful butterflies and the soothing sounds of streams in the park surrounded by mountains will make you blissful on Holidays to Rhodes.

Get Freaky on Rhodes Beaches

The lovely Rhodes coastline lures everyone with exquisite beaches and crystal clear waters. Just 20 minutes drive from Rhodes town; you will find the most secluded bay, the Anthony Quinn Bay. Actor Anthony Quinn fell in love with this bay and thought of even owning it. Hence, Anthony Quinn beach is named after him. Brilliant for swimming, the beach looks stunning with the backdrop of pine topped mountains and lush green countryside. St. Paul’s beach at the medieval village of Lindos is another gem on the coast of Rhodes. Indeed, it is a great sight to watch St. Paul’s beach under the shadow of Lindos Acropolis. The adrenaline junkies can get real freaky at Faliraki beach with windsurfing and waterskiing. The artificial waves, pools, water slides and games for all ages in Faliraki Water Park make your spirit fly during Rhodes Holidays.

Rhodian Gastronomy is Mediterranean Delight

Always rich in flavors, Rhodian gastronomy is a gourmet’s delight. Even though influenced by several invasions, the Island’s cuisine still manages to keep its Mediterranean quality. Blessed with fertile land, the locally grown vegetables, cereals, nuts, and olives are extensively used in the cuisine. Try some dishes of minced meat, fresh fish and seafood to get the real taste of the Mediterranean. Since ancient times, the Rhodians consider wine as the godly liquid. The wine produced in Rhodes is the best in the world. Take a wine tour along the vineries to discover the winemaking process in Rhodes. Gulp down the tastiest wines of Rhodes and thank the unique lands and sunshine for great quality and taste.

Shopping and Travelling in Rhodes

Market places dotted with several outlets and emporiums, Rhodes is also a key destination for shopping. Several shops sell fresh fruits, vegetables, jams and

mountain herbs in Rhodes. Age-old traditions go into the making of Jewelry in Rhodes. Hence, Rhodes is a great place to shop for authentic jewelry. Explore the shops in Rhodes and buy some high-quality nuts, clothes, gifts, and leather goods during your vacation. As the places on the island are well connected with public bus services and taxis, traveling in Rhodes is not difficult. Moreover, the display boards at the bus stops exhibiting the routes and timings in English make life easy for the tourists in Rhodes.