Cheap Holidays to Benidorm | A Glittering Journey in Spain’s Costa Blanca

Located on Spain’s Costa Blanca region, Benidorm is a very popular tourist destination among British tourists. Once a small laid back village, Benidorm has now turned into a buzzing city with glittering skyscrapers, bountiful beaches, and colorful festivals. Even though inhabited since 3000 years, Benidorm’s actual population grew only after the arrival of Moors. Lapped by the sleepy Mediterranean waters, Benidorm is a vibrant party city in the region of Costa Blanca. Baked by the sun, Benidorm guarantees warm weathers even in winters and springs too. Cheap Holidays to Benidorm offer a great culture, cuisine, and coves.

Beaches in Benidorm

Spectacular beaches combined with the mild Mediterranean climate, many visitors

keep returning to this sparkling city; time and again. Levante beach is one of the most popular sandy beaches in Benidorm, where one can take long walks. Get rejuvenating swimming in this gently sloping beach. Indeed, this sparkling clean beach is perfect for families to spend long durations during Benidorm Family Holidays. The calmer and peaceful Poniente Beach is perfect for older couples. And also a great place for kids to play in the shades of palms and playground alongside the beach. Also, romantic couples can get cozy at the beautiful cove of the Playa del Mal Pas beach. Far from the town, Playa del Albir exudes complete peace and tranquility. Finally, the snorkelers can enjoy close encounters with coral reefs and fish at Cala Almadraba.

Sights to See in Benidorm

Benidorm is just not limited to beaches and parties; it is also a great place to explore the rich culture and historical monuments. Visit the religious cathedral of Iglesia de Sant Jaume; the unique architecture and beautiful design fascinate you. Explore the marine culture at the Centro Cultural Maritimo museum and handicrafts at Museo Boca del Calvari museum. Besides, visit the marvelous monuments like Ancla, Mirador del Castell and neoclassical church ‘Parroquia de San Jaime y Santa Ana’ at Placa del Castell Street. Furthermore, Ermita Virgen del Mar is a beautiful chapel is a must-visit during Benidorm Holidays.

Gastronomy in Benidorm

The gastronomy of Benidorm is largely influenced by several civilizations and traditional methods of cooking. Red mullets, pumpkins, fresh fish, spinach and rice go into the making of several typical dishes of Benidorm. Furthermore, several bars and restaurants serve the savory tapas and pinchos coupled with wine. Moreover, the discerning gourmets can have a feast with several food events of Benidorm.

Shopping in Benidorm

The holidays in Benidorm will not be complete without buying some souvenirs and gifts back home. 30 minutes from Benidorm, the beautiful Alicante is a haven for shoppers. Buy some leather goods, wine, olive, and chocolates in the shops at the beautiful promenade and historical streets. The shopping district at the Levante beach lures ladies with excellent jewelry on Holidays to Benidorm. Furthermore, the vicinity of Benidorm offers great outlets and malls to shop for quality clothes and sportswear.

Transport in Benidorm

Benidorm is accessible by road, rail, and air. Equipped with exceptional local public transport, Benidorm bus station can be reached in minutes through urban bus services and taxis. Use the local bus services to travel around Benidorm. Indeed, this is the cheapest way of exploring the great sites of this never-sleeping city.