Cheap Holidays to Costa del Sol | A Marvelous Journey at Malaga

Located in the Andalusia region of Spain, Costa del Sol is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Blessed with a balmy Mediterranean climate, Costa del Sol enjoys hot sunny summers and mild winters. The traces of early inhabitants in Costa del Sol date back to 2800 years. Phoenicians, Carthaginians, and Romans ruled Costa del Sol for several centuries. Hence, Costa del Sol is also a great place to explore ancient ruins and several historical sites. With long sun baked coasts and spectacular sandy beaches to unwind, Cheap Holidays to Costa del Sol is a perfect journey to embark on with your family or kids or with friends.

Beaches in Costa del Sol

With over 160 km of coastline, Costa del Sol is a paradise for beach bums. From vibrant beach resorts to secluded coves, the sun-kissed beaches of Costa del Sol

provide all the fun and peace during Costa del Holidays. Head to the resort town of Torremolinos to explore the beautiful beaches lined up with spectacular palm-fringed promenades. Indeed, Playa de Bajondillo is a marvelous beach to lounge on the long stretch of dark sands. The beaches at Mijas are perfect for swimming and sunbathing. With a yellow stretch of sand and deep blue waters, Calahonda beach in Mijas is a great destination for the expats. Known for beautiful beaches, Malaga provides a perfect setting for refreshing dips and sips. Here, at Playa Malagueta beach, the man-made stretch of sand amazes all.

Historical places to see in Costa del Sol

Besides its beautiful shores, Costa del Sol is also a haven for the history buffs to explore Roman ruins, Baroque basilicas, and Moorish castles. Perched on the Mount of Gibralfaro, the 9th-century Moorish castle is a top historical attraction in the region. Explore the mighty defense walls and tall towers in this fortified castle. Experience the Moorish vibes by relaxing in the beautiful garden present in the castle. Built by the Hammudid dynasty in the 11th century, Alcazaba houses the museum of Malaga.  A roman antique in the museum narrates the history of Malaga, while the displayed Picasso’s art pieces introduce the artistic brilliance during Holidays to Costa del Sol. Take some time to visit Teatro Romano. Here, you will enjoy the theatrical performances at the ancient Roman theatre built during the times of Augustus. Also, visit the 10th-century Moorish castle ‘Castillo de Gibralfaro’ and you find that its image is seen in Malaga’s flag.

Shopping in Costa del Sol

Surrounded by entertainment and dining options, shopping in Costa del Sol is a sheer joy to experience on Low-Cost Holidays to Costa del Sol. Malaga is the best place for shopping. Plaza Mayor is the largest shopping center in the region and it is very close to the airport. Moreover, Maramar shopping center is an excellent zone to shop with your kids. The kid’s club and the cinema theatres entertain your children at Maramar. The beautiful and colorful Ataranazas market is the best place to buy local meat, fish and vegetables.

Wining and Dining in Costa del Sol

The sheer scale of diversity in Spain’s Gastronomy lies in its regional varieties. Known as the land of Tapas, several restaurants serve these Spanish snacks along with drinks at free of cost. The aromas and sweet smells of Churros entice your days in Costa del Sol. Furthermore, the sprinkling of the fresh golden olives makes many dishes divinely delicious. Finally, do not forget to end your days pleasantly by sipping the tastiest Spanish white and red wines during Costa del Sol Holidays.

Top Things to do in Costa del Sol

The landscape of Costa del Sol offers plenty of activities to get immersed in the Andalusia region. Take a scenic walk in the river Chiller that takes you to exotic Nirja caves. Get otherworldly experience by Spelunking in Nirja caves. And also, these 5 km long interconnected caves house the world’s tallest stalagmite. Furthermore, take part in Feria de Malaga fair to experience the best party life of

Malaga. Above all, feel the passion in the sounds and rhythms of traditional Flamenco music.