Cheap Holidays to Tenerife | Discover Unique Volcanic Landscape

It is indeed a unique Canary Island with the otherworldly landscapes. Discover Tenerife with ‘Holidays Away’ and find tipsy deals or Cheap Holidays to Tenerife. Besides good offers, the Island is blessed with perennial springs and in summers it is balmy and soothing. Indeed, a wonderful place to pamper oneself during sunny days around the long stretch of beaches. The gorgeous coastline is surrounded by majestic landscapes. For instance, Mount Teide is exceptionally high and measures 12,198 feet. The grandeur mountain casts a massive shadow over the sea. There are numerous exotic places in Tenerife worth visiting. Hence, choose your adventure and immerse into the scenic wonders.

Beaches and Water Parks in Tenerife

It is indeed commendable on part of the Tenerife authority to create a spectacular coastline despite the rocky volcanic nature of the coastline. The transformation of the beaches into a sun lounger’s paradise was a wonderful achievement. Beaches are a fantastic place to hang-out on Holidays to Tenerife. A huge quantity of sand from Sahara was imported to augment the beautiful surroundings. Head towards the finest beaches on this vacation. Start from Playa Jardin which was beautified by Caesar Manrique. It is also called a garden beach. Playa del Bollullo is another splendid beach. But nothing comes close to the dreamlike Playa de las Americas. It is an ideal beach with a picture-perfect coastline, also a wonderful place for surfing.

Visit the water parks and the exceptional theme parks. The Siam Park which is also the Thai-Themed Park is quite enthralling. Embark on a dolphin watching trip from Los Cristianos or Los Gigantes. Hire a boat and watch myriad species of these majestic creatures.

 Breathtaking Landscape and Sightseeing

Explore the impressive landscape on Tenerife Holidays. A hiking tour is the best way to explore the landscape. Masca Valley is a great place to begin a fascinating hiking tour. Several guided tours are there to explore green covered landscape and scenic wonders. High altitude, less pollution would provide an excellent opportunity to go on a stargazing tour. The sky is crystal clear and the visibility of the stars is exceptional. Explore the magnificent Mount Teide which is 3700 meters high. The green covered pine forest is magical. Mount Teide is listed under UNESCO.  Hire a cable car and get a splendid view of the impressive national park. To get a vivid picture of the landscape a fascinating horse riding tour is a good option. Savor the landscape on a horseback and the beautiful scenery.


Usually a museum doesn’t top the list in any of Tenerife itinerary. But museums are quite amazing in this volcanic Canary Island. Explore the Nature and Man museum which has an amazing collection of archeological ruins pertaining to the Guanches people who were the original inhabitants of the Island. There are numerous fossils of pre-historic animals. If space and cosmos is your inclination then head towards Science and Cosmos Museum. Military museum is chronologically arranged from the wars fought by the ancient Guanches to the world wars.


Go on a shopping spree in Tenerife. Look out for budget-friendly Low Cost Holidays, save money and buy a souvenir. Buy some really cheap football shirts and camera. Honey rum is an interesting thing to take home. Also purchase a Mount Teide shaped candle where the holder is lava made.


Travel around this Island and take a domestic flight to surrounding regions and other Canary archipelago during Cheap Holidays to Tenerife. There is a well planed network of public buses called guaguas. There is also a Tram that travels

from Santa Cruz and La Laguna.      


Food is delicious around this Spanish Island. Try Tapas with a glass of wine at guachinche. Try the local wines and enjoy the cheese. Potaje de berros is a mouthwatering soup. Carne con papas are an excellent combination of meat and potatoes. Relish Carne de cabra prepared from goats meat. Vieja is a parrotfish and a delicacy in the Canary Island. The most exotic is the Conejo en salmorejo which is made of rabbit and sauce. Savor delicious Cochino negro; another exotic pork dish prepared from black pig meat.