Last Minute Holidays to Benidorm | A Glittering Cosmopolitan Journey on Costa Blanca

Benidorm is a cosmopolitan and resort city in the Costa Blanca region of Spain known for the perfect blend of old and new. The real boom of Benidorm tourism started peaking since the 1950s. And now, it is one of the most popular Mediterranean holiday destinations in the world. The Roman and Punic remains emphasize that the human settlements date back to 3000 BC. The arrival of Moors increased the population in Benidorm. Now, Benidorm is known as the Manhattan of Spain with glittering skyscrapers, shimmering beaches, and cosmopolitan vibes.

Moreover, Benidorm is very popular with British tourists. Thanks to the popular Brits Abroad TV show.  Last Minute Holidays to Benidorm is just fun and frolic at the theme parks, kid’s parks, festivals, and fiestas.

Historical Walk in Benidorm

Benidorm strikes everyone with a heap of historical museums, palaces, cathedrals, and spectacular architecture. A simple walk through the city center will make anyone experience the state of awe at its high buildings. Sitting majestically and staring with dignity at the beaches of Poniente and Levante, the old town of Benidorm explains the birth of the city. Meander through the streets of the old town and discover its past at ancient cannons, La Senoria square, and Calle Condestable Zaragoza.  Perched on Canhali Hill, the 18th century Iglesia de San Jaime y Santa Ana church pays homage to the patron saint of Benidorm.  Visit the 14th century Balcon del Mediterraneo castle and discover how Benidorm was protected from the pirates.

Located on a mountain,   the Ermita Virgen del Mar chapel is a great attraction in Benidorm. Here, one can admire the architecture of the shrine and interiors. Above all, this is a great place to enjoy the exquisite views of the city and the sea on Benidorm Holidays.

Beaches in Benidorm

Located on the coast of Costa Blanca, Benidorm boasts one of the finest beaches in Spain. The golden sandy stretches and secluded coves offer a wide range of activities at facilities. The lovely Levante Beach is the most popular beach in Benidorm due to its close proximity to the city and extra-ordinary facilities. Indeed, Levante is a great beach to try jet skiing and paragliding. In fact, the shining sand and crystal clear shallow waters make this beach a perfect outing for the families. On Benidorm Beach Holidays, never miss hitting the pretty Poniente Beach. The tranquil atmosphere and the adjacent playground make it a perfect spot to hop with the kids. Furthermore, one can take a ferry ride, kayak or Jet Ski to hit on the small island Isla de Benidorm. This island which is 2 km away from the city is a great spot for diving.

Eating Out in Benidorm

Benidorm is a great city to eat out as it offers the world cuisine on its platter. Whether you want to try Mexican or Indian, Italian or French, Benidorm cooks every dish in style keeping its original flavors and aura intact.  To get the traditional flavors of Spanish including the delicious tapas, try eating out at the old town of Benidorm. However, there are many outlets of Dutch, Turkish and Asian restaurants that serve all categories and cuisines of food. Fresh shellfish and salted dry fish are available in plenty in every corner of Benidorm. Finally, taste the mouthwatering Alicante desserts and the finest red wines while embarking on the Last Minute Holidays to Benidorm.

Getting Around in Benidorm

The best way to start exploring the city of Benidorm is by walk.  Indeed, it is a great idea to meander through the narrow streets of the old town. Of course, a stroll along the promenades of seafronts at Levante and Poniente beaches triggers your pleasure spots. And, get the real feel of Benidorm by walking along the avenues in the city. Benidorm is covered with many services of buses run by The Llorente Bus Company. However, the public bicycle transport system is the healthier means to explore the city on Holidays to Benidorm. Finally, there are trains, trams, and taxis to get around Benidorm at one’s comfort and time.

Shopping in Benidorm

No Holiday will be complete with a dose of shopping and Benidorm is a shopper’s paradise. But, there are also many chances of getting carried away and end up spending more than the requirement. So, be cautious not to get overboard while shopping in Benidorm. Just a short drive away from the city center, La Marina Shopping Centre is one of the most famous shopping centers in Benidorm. One can buy fashionable shoes, clothes, and trendy accessories at this shopping center. Buy cheaper goods from the Chinese bazaars in the old town. Finally, purchase the handicrafts, antiques, carpets and local produce with huge bargains at the Sunday and Wednesday Markets.