Last Minute Holidays to Corfu | A Mythological and Marvelous Sojourn on Greek’s Emerald Isle

The ‘Emerald Isle’, Corfu is perhaps the most spectacular Ionian Island of Greece. Lapped by the waters of the Ionian Sea, Corfu has stunning beaches with deep blue waters, secluded coves and picturesque verdant hills to venture out on any kind of getaway. But, the Last Minute Holidays to Corfu comes as a blissful opportunity to enjoy the lower prices with last-minute deals. Hence, book last-minute deals for an enthralling experience on the land of olives in Greece.  From grannies to kids, from young romantic couples to adventure-seeking friends, Corfu offers complete holiday experience to everyone. Furthermore, traverse through

history and take the toes to the beautiful trails of mountains in Corfu. Finally, the gently caressing sea breeze, soft sand under the feet and mythologies of Greece make Corfu trip the most cherished journey in one’s life.

Historical Journey in Corfu Old Town

Corfu offers its share of history to the history buffs at the old town of Corfu. The beautiful cobbled lanes of old town Corfu traverse the visitors into its medieval past. Corfu is surrounded by two fortresses. The old fortress is an epitome of Byzantine and Venetian architecture. It is indeed a great spot to go on a romantic date and enjoy the exotic views of the sea and the city. Furthermore, visit the new fortress also called Fortezza Nuova. This fortress along with old fortress guarded the city of Corfu against the pirates. However, these days this fortress engages the locals and visitors with several concerts. And also, the quaint shops along the cobbled streets provide a great shopping experience on Corfu Holidays in the old town.

Beaches in Corfu

From the tiny pockets of pebbled beaches to the stretches of soft sand beaches, Corfu’s coastline is studded with a variety of beaches. One can find the most secluded spots covered by pines and also the bountiful beaches loaded with wonderful water sports and activities. At about 12 KM from Corfu Town, the blue flag Dassia Bay is one of the most famous family-friendly beaches in Corfu. This secluded Dassia Bay is blessed with calm and shallow waters surrounded by greenery. Indeed, this is a great beach to try water sports like water-skiing and waterboarding. Visit the traditional village of Kontokali near Corfu town, to hit on Kontokali beach. The long stretch of sand at this beach is perfect to tan, lounge and relax under the shades of parasols.

17 KM away from Corfu town, Barbati beach is a perfect blend of beach, nature, and mountain. Located at the foothills of Mount Pantokrator, the blue flag Barbati beach looks pristinely beautiful with spectacular views of nature and shallow crystal clear waters. However, one can enjoy the delicious tastes and sips at the tavernas in the nearby Ipsos Beach on Corfu Beach Holidays.

Corfu Landscape, Caves and Mountains

Thanks to the fertile lands, winter rains and moderate summers; Corfu has got a lush green landscape covered with olive groves. Visit Lake   Korission at the village of Argyrades, to explore the beautiful cedar forest. It is a great place to spot white lilies, different species of orchids, flamingos, and ducks. And also, the fabulous sight of several species of birds provide an otherworldly experience on Holidays in Corfu. There are several imposing and intriguing caves on the island of Corfu. However, take the time to visit the dark Lotuses caves. Get into these caves to enjoy the serene views of sunlight piercing from the top hole of this cave. In fact, this gives a mix of mystical and intriguing experiences in one’s life. Finally, visit the Mountain of Pantokratoras. This highest mountain in Corfu is the perfect place to explore the beautiful trails and discover the untouched Venetian villages. And of course, the breathtaking views and the beautiful waterfalls like Kyprianades give glorious memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Gastronomy in Corfu

The traditional cuisine of Corfu is largely influenced by Greeks and Venetians. However, international ingredients like spices, cooking styles along with Mediterranean methods shaped the gastronomy of Corfu. But, Corfu maintains to keep its rich tastes, textures, and flavors of the Ionian Islands. Fresh fish, meat, green vegetables, herbs, and olives dominate the Corfiot cuisine. The traditional meal of Corfu is Pastitsada. This dish is made with chicken or meat mixed in oils, onions, spices, and cloves. However, do not miss the delicious Octopus dish ‘Bourdeto’ on the Last Minute Holidays to Corfu.

Getting Around in Corfu

The best way to explore Corfu on a budget is by bus. Pick a green or a white bus to roam in the cities. But, take a blue bus to visit the resorts and villages in Corfu. However, hiring a car or a bike is the best way to get around Corfu in one’s own comfort and pace. Finally, try to visit the most secluded places on foot while embarking on your journey in Corfu.