Last Minute Holidays to Costa del Sol | An Amazing Retreat at Andalusia

Located in the autonomous region of Spain’s Andalusia, Costa del Sol is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. The year-round warm weather combined with miles of sandy beaches makes Costa del Sol an ideal destination to hit on a holiday at any time of the year. The Phoenicians, Romans, Greeks, and Moors ruled Costa del Sol. Hence, Costa del Sol is also a great place to explore several ancient ruins, historical sites, and museums. Furthermore, the white-washed hinterland villages, majestic marinas, and beautiful wildlife engage one and all in Costa del Sol. Above all; this land is the birthplace of the famous artist Pablo Picasso. Go on the Last Minute Holidays to Costa del Sol and explore the culture and architecture at the historic city of Malaga.

Historical Journey in Costa del Sol

Exuding Andalusia charm, Malaga is the historical city in Costa del Sol. This coastal city is a spectacular place to explore Roman amphitheater, amazing Alcazaba and Picasso Museum. It is indeed a great city to wander through its streets. Furthermore, the 16th century Malaga Cathedral is a must-visit site in this city on Costa del Sol Holidays. Housing a museum on its second floor, the displayed artifacts whisper the bygone era of Malaga in style. Next, Ronda should be in Costa del Sol’s itinerary. This quaint town lying in scenic landscapes with a gorge and a river appeals all on holidays. Visit the bullfighting ring at this place and get enlighten about Ronda’s role in modern-day bullfighting.

At Ronda, one should never miss the 13th century Banos Arabes.  Indeed, it is a great place to feel the vibes of the old world at the vaults and water systems in this open Arab baths. And also, visit Castillo Sohail at Castillo Fuengirola. Built-in 956 CE, this castle gives spectacular views of the sea and the city from its towers. Subsequently, a short visit to the small museum will explain the past of this castle.

Beach Time in Costa del Sol

 Blessed with over 320 days of sunshine and over 120 beaches, Costa del Sol is a beach bums paradise. There are several blue flag beaches with clean, safe and shallow waters along with plentiful amenities and activities. Hit the town of Benalmadena on the eastern side to enjoy  Costa del Sol Beach Holidays. The blue-flag beach of Benalmadena is one of the finest beaches in Europe. Here, one can hire sun loungers, parasols and also immerse in several water sports like sailing, scuba diving, kayaking, and water skiing. The Tivoli World theme park at this beach offers great times not only for children but also for elders.

Lying in the municipality of Tarifa, Bolonia is a beautiful beach at the fishing village with the same name. The serene backdrop of lovely pine-fringed dunes, golden stretch of sand with azure sea waters; make this beach look straight from the glossy magazine covers. The promenade on this beach is a perfect place to bite into delicious fish snacks and relax.

Playa del Cristo at Malaga province is a great beach for families to hit on. Especially, the crystal clear shallow waters, swathe of white sand and easy access to parking make this beach perfect for families carrying young children. And, land at Marbella to get ecstatic on the diverse beaches like Playa de Casablanca with grey-brown sands.  Finally, visit the coast of Manilva  for spacious and fine sand beaches like Playa Ancha.

Sierra Nevada Mountains

Apart from sun, tan and sea, Costa Del Sol Mountains and caves cater several activities for the backpackers and adventurers. Situated at the town of Benalmadena, the 780 meters high  Calamorro Mountain provides excellent views of the city and a wide range of outdoor activities. Reach the top of these mountains by enjoying the views in a cable car. Moreover, the adrenaline junks can hit on the beautiful trails spread along this mountain on Holidays to Costa del Sol. And also, one can ride horses through these trails in the mountains. Finally, one can look as far as the coast of Africa from these mountains.

Furthermore, the mountain lovers can revel at the sights and trails of Sierra Nevada. Stopping the cold waves, these mountains are also the biosphere reserve of UNESCO. Take on the trails on these mountains and every bit of hike or walk introduces nature in a new style along these mountains.

Nerja Caves

Discovered by local boys of Margo, Nerja caves are one of the greatest finds in recent times. Many human skeletons and ceramics were discovered from these caves. And also, the six paintings of seals found in these caves are renowned Neanderthal man works of art. Furthermore, these 5 km long caves are divided into Nerja I and Nerja II sections. Nerja I is open to public viewing, while Nerja II is closed for public.

Costa del Sol Cuisine

Costa del Sol is famous for its warm coasts and sunny climate. But, the fried fish and Sardine Skew are equally popular. However, the Mediterranean flavors dominate the cuisine of Costa del Sol. One should visit Torremolinos to taste the traditional dishes while enjoying the Last Minute Holidays to Costa del Sol. Most important of all, visit the fishing boats at the marina of Benalmadena, Fuengirola, and Estepona to relish some extra-ordinary tasting fries and skews of fresh fish.  Finally, visit Marbella to enjoy Michelin star dinners in luxury resorts and hit the old town to taste delicious tapas.

Getting Around Costa del Sol

One can get around Costa del Sol on a bus, train, car, bike, cycle or even on foot. Rent a car from Malaga airport to get around Costa del Sol in comfort in a car. The train is a great option to travel between Malaga, Torremolinos, and Fuengirola at cheaper prices. And also, the train is the easiest and cheapest way to travel outside Costa del Sol. However, there are plenty of buses to take you around while embarking on Holidays in Costa del Sol. Finally, one should have a valid driving license and should wear a helmet to explore Costa del Sol on a motorbike.