Last Minute Holidays to Crete | Island of Ruins Beaches and Archeology

Find Last Minute Holidays to Crete for a pulsating vacation. There is a huge range of deals and offers to this awe-inspiring Greek Island. It doesn’t matter when the vacation is planned- it could be within a day, month or year, the offers and discounts are always available.

Crete is an island that would attract people with myriad interests. It could be an amateur Anthropologist intrigued by culture and society. Indeed, a Cultural Anthropologist can always fancy his chances to delve into the tradition and

become a cultural detective. It would certainly intrigue history buff. The ruins and archeology would captivate any historian. Moreover, Minoan is the oldest civilization in Europe. Explore the dazzling coastline which is an ideal place for beach bums, and the splendid verdant landscape is a challenge for hikers. Those interesting in storytelling and mythology would be delighted to visit the Psychro Cave (Birthplace of Zeus).

Beaches in Crete

Several tourists are smitten by blue flag beaches in Crete Island. Unwind on pink sandy beaches on Holidays to Crete. Beaches in Crete are among the topmost in Europe. The seaside resort of Falassarna is 52 km from Chania. It is hardly an hour’s journey which passes through the tranquil Platanos village. Head towards the beach during the festive season and enjoy the beach parties or relish a couple of drinks at the beach bar. The long stretch of the sandy bay is well-maintained and full of sun loungers. There are good facilities for water sports.

The pink sandy hue of Elafonisi beach is heavenly. It is situated in proximity to the Elafonisos village. The tropical paradise is located on the western side of the Island. There are numerous spots dotted with beds and umbrellas. The nearby taverns serve delectable Cretan food.

The alluring Balos lagoon is a dreamlike destination, and the diverse ecology is indeed magical. It is indeed a magical destination enriched by fauna and flora. Balos is an abundant nature bowl filled with 100 species of birds, turtle, and the Mediterranean Sea lobe. The turquoise lagoon is surrounded by majestic cliffs. Find the magnificent 16th-century Venetian fort on the cliffs. A bowl-shape lagoon is indeed a holistic place – soothing and riveting.

Explore the Caves

Crete caves are captivating. These caves are scattered around the Island and popular for its geological formation and spellbinding tales. It augments the beauty of the landscape and brings forth a unique side of the Greek Island. The caves aren’t merely inanimate stalactites structure; it also attracts backpackers with luring stories. Indeed, hopping around caves is a wonderful way to spend Crete Holidays. Visit the Psychro cave where Rhea gave birth to the all-powerful Greek God Zeus.

 Melidoni Cave is significant to the Greek resistance against the Ottoman rule. In 1824 almost 300 villagers took refuge inside the cave. Two messengers were sent to negotiate – both shot dead by the Greek rebel.  Later on the entrances were blocked by the Ottoman troupes to stop the oxygen supply and force the villagers out. The villagers still found different spots inside the cave for air passage. The hapless villagers were eventually choked to death by inflammable material placed around the cave openings.

Sfentoni Cave was discovered by a six-year-old girl who was bewitched by fairies and her dead body was found deep inside the cave. Many tourists are fascinated by the five million-year-old stalagmites and stalactites formations in the depths.

The Elephant cave is an otherworldly experience discovered by a snorkeler in 1999. There was water found inside the cave along with stalagmites formations. Also, research was carried on where bones of a unique elephant species were discovered.

History and Archeology

Explore the spectacular ruins of Knossos. It was once a flourishing city and the capital of Minoan Crete. In the 18th century B.C the population well exceeded 100,000. Indeed, a staggering number for an 18th century B.C city. The archeologist has speculated that the city was destroyed due to invasion and earthquakes. The place is restored and tourists can amble across the royal courtyard, throne room, and Royal building that belonged to the Minoan era.

Visit the Arkadi Monastery which is a Byzantine architecture. This 5th century A.D monument was built on a high plateau. The paradisiacal surroundings are covered with olive trees and lush green Vineyards. There used to be a rich library and gold embroidery which got the attention of the imperial Ottoman Sultan. In the 18th century, it became a symbol of Greek resistance against the Ottomans when several freedom fighters immolated themselves with the gun powder inside the

Monastery. Discover other historical sites like the Minoan Palace in Malia and the Holy Trinity Monastery. The infinite stories and archeology are engaging for many tourists.

Samaria Gorge

The alluring Samaria Gorge is a magnificent hiking trail. Hike through the ravines amidst the breathtaking landscape. Get a glimpse of Kiri Kiri goat which is an endangered species. By the end of the arduous journey enter Agia Roumeli coastal Greek village and enjoy the serenity and savor the peaceful vibes.

Traveling in Crete

It won’t hurt your pocket! Traveling is a lot cheaper when compared to European standards. Bus traveling is simple and affordable. Booking a taxi is simple and cheaper; hiring a car is a better option due to the landscape and several remote regions.

Delicious Food

Greek food is irresistible. Try Cretan salad if you are a vegetarian. Olive oil is integral to Cretan gastronomy. Relish the Cretan cheese prepared from goats milk. Dakos is the signature dish and fried snails are exotic. Sarikopitakia and Kalitsounia are cheese pie. Lamb with stamnagathi is juicy and delicious. Indeed, mouthwatering culinary would attract any backpacker and tempt anyone for a Last Minute Holidays To Crete.