Last Minute Holidays to Fuerteventura | Discover the Oldest Canary Island

A few clicks and you can find spectacular Last Minute Holidays to Fuerteventura. The prices and discounts are enticing. Moreover, the Island would tantalize any backpacker who is seeking adventure and sun-kissed beaches. When it comes to chronology this Island was born 20 million years ago due to a volcanic eruption. Myths and legends also associate this Island to be a part of the lost Atlantis.  Let’s keep the myths apart and explore the gorgeous Island and its Caribbean like beaches. Although there is no idealism of Atlantis, nevertheless, the Island is a huge hit among globetrotters.

Sotavento Beach

This picture-perfect beach draws several tourists and had already garnered enough attention. The photo of this beach is enough to attract holidaymakers and

it had certainly helped in branding the Island of Fuerteventura in general and the beaches in particular. The mesmerizing blue lagoon and the swelling wave help the adrenaline pumping sports such as windsurfing. Plan your Beach Holidays so that you can watch the enthralling windsurfing championship that happens every year.

Cofete Beach

Indeed an arduous task to reach this beach, nevertheless, it is untouched and pristine. Not yet affected by mass tourism. It may not be a swimmer’s paradise. But the long stretch of the sandy bay is paved with scenic wonders such as a remarkable Jandia mountain emerging from the sea. This coastal region is a delightful sight. And a perfect place to amble across and savor the beautiful scenery.

Esmeralda Beach

It is Atlantic bay at its most peaceful state. The serene waves are perfect for swimmers. It is a good place to find a spot to relax and soak up the sunshine. This beach is sheltered hence it is less windy. Moreover, the weather permits swimming in December. Embark on a balmy Holiday to Fuerteventura for a splendid vacation.

Ajuy Caves

Explore the Geological wonder of Canary Island. It is indeed a monument carved by nature. Watch the spellbinding cave system. These cave systems had been around right from the inception of the Island 20 million years ago. Watch the ancient fossils and the oldest magma chamber. To reach the cave hiking through the Tindays Mountain is required. Hence the hiking trip will bring forth adventure and fascinating sightseeing.

Salt Museum

The canary salt museum is an education in myriad dimensions. Visit Salinas del Carmen and learn about the various aspects of salt mining. It provides a detailed explanation of how salt is made out of the ocean waves. Take a tour inside the museum and learn about the uses of salt in culinary and medicines. The most intriguing aspect is the way salt is associated with superstitions and traditions.  Salt indeed helped in the economy of the Island and it did provide a livelihood to several Canarians.

Countryside Tourism

The Island’s low population allows for spectacular rural tourism. Indeed a wonderful way to explore the beautiful countryside and immerse amidst natural surroundings. Rural accommodations are also available in case if the idea popup on the Last Minute holidays to Fuerteventura.

Atalayita Archeological Center

Anyone with an inclination towards Island’s native history should visit the Atalayita village and explore the archeological center. Head towards the Pozo Negro valley and delve into the aboriginal culture. Mahos were the original inhabitants and they lived in the lava caves.

Island’s Market

There is a market day in every town selling locally produced goods. It is indeed a good place to buy a souvenir. Make sure to bargain and also check out the next town where the market is held.

Travelling in Fuerteventura

The public transport is well-developed which ensures comfortable commuting. Taxies are cheap within the resort and town, but it is quite expensive outside the town especially to the airport. It is, however, better to opt for airport transport which would directly drop to the location. Many remote regions can be explored by hiring a car. The Island is less populated hence a great option.

Best Food

Gastronomy on Fuerteventura Holidays is traditional and delicious. Try Majorero

cheese prepared from goats milk. It is a particular type of goat milk that the cheese is prepared. Goat meat is pretty common in Fuerteventura. It is, in fact, a staple diet for many Islanders. Mojo picon and Papas Arrugatas are common in all the Canary Islands. Relish the Puchero Canario stew which is rejuvenating and delicious.