Last Minute Holidays to Gran Canaria | Microcosm of Wonder

Sun Loungers itching for Vitamin D should head towards this exquisite microcosm. Last Minute Holidays to Gran Canaria is a good pick for those in haste of going on a vacation. It is easy on the pocket with myriad deals and profusion of attractions. Explore the balmy beaches. The volcanic nature of the island brings forth mesmerizing lush green landscape and alluring rock formation. Spontaneous planning is indeed a good idea. It is akin to ‘dreams come true’ and many times desires being met- instantly. Hence, remove any lingering doubts and embark on a fascinating tour.

Remarkable Maspalomas

Walk around the long stretch of dunes and savor the desert-like surroundings. Ride on the camel amidst the dunes and take a halt at the blue lagoon which is indeed a mirage amidst the dessert. The promenade is large enough to amble across. It is an ideal place to visit with family and little one. Indeed the coast is a rejuvenating place for a Beach Holidays. It also has facilities to book a boat trip for a riveting dolphin watching tour. There are specific spots for water sports activities. Hence Maspalomas is a complete beach and should be a tick mark.

Playa de Mogán or the Little Venice

The ‘canal way’ is the reason for calling it a ‘Little Venice.’

Located in the southwest region and adored by tourists and locals. Moreover, the serene warm waters and the balmy weather is ideal if the plan is to travel with family or maybe a solo resplendent Holidays to Gran Canaria. There is plenty of sunshine to soak. Moreover, indulge in parasailing and jet skiing. A tranquil banana boating is also a great option.

Scuba Diving in Gran Canaria

Dive and explore the rich marine world. Remove the split between the Nat-Geo TV reel, and real marine life. Watch the incredibly diverse marine species. Take a closer look at the sea turtle and the manta ray. The exotic fishes in different colors look splendid. The best of the species are found at El Cabrón Marine and at La Catedral cave dive.

Breathtaking Volcanic Rock

The steep rock in the center of the island draws plenty of attention among the hikers. Hikers on a hot-pursuit to reach the spot should drink plenty of water and get rehydrated. The short hike could be debilitating, nevertheless, once the task is accomplished. It would give immense satisfaction and also a spectacular view of the surrounding. The unbelievable 360 degrees panoramic view would be a magical sight. The beautiful scenic view of the Tejeda Mountain is otherworldly. This landmark is listed under UNESCO.

Mesmerizing Stargazing

Life is a dream at the vantage point on this Island. Perhaps no backpacker would’ve fathomed this captivating sightseeing before embarking on Last Minute Holidays to Gran Canaria. Thanks to the authorities who ensured nil pollution level, and also a good idea to show some gratitude to the nature that brought this Island to such a place that it is at an ideal position from the equator. Therefore the night sky is clear enough to watch millions of stars. The places to watch the sparkling starts are Temisas Astronomic Observatory and Roque Saucillo Astronomy Centre.

Cueva Pintida Museum – Cave Museum

This remarkable museum is made amidst the archeological excavation. It pre-dates the Spanish colonizing period and provides a fascinating insight into the indigenous way of life. It does give profound information about the natives and their culture. The cave paintings are spectacular and quite symbolic. Perhaps a trip to this cave museum would ignite some interest in Anthropology.

Traveling in Gran Canaria                

Public transport and Guaguas are excellent. Many public buses have air-conditions. Finding Taxis is very easy. It is quite affordable. The ultimate choice is renting a car which is economical and quite flexible. It makes things easier to travel to some of the isolated and exotic places on Gran Canaria Holidays.

Relishing Cuisine

Get a taste of Canarian food and enjoy the taste while immersing in the culture.

Relish the delicious Mojo Picón. Papas arrugadas is a delightful South American dish prepared from specific indigenous potatoes. Baifo is a delicacy prepared during Christmas. It is marinated goat meat with herbs. Sancocho canario is a full cooked fish served with Mojo Picón and  Papas arrugadas. Enjoy the Arucas rum which is ubiquitous to Gran Canaria.