Last Minute Holidays to Kos | Classical Greek Island

Easier to travel, and kind to the pocket- this Greek Island is a great option for a magnificent vacation. Last Minute Holidays to Kos is indeed a great choice for those who are planning a hassle-free trip. Traveling to this part of the world is simple and there are easy flights available. There are also direct flights from UK London. Also, numerous resorts and hotels are available which are affordable and pocket-friendly. In crux, Kos Island is easier to travel and the stay is quite comfortable. There are several hotels that are less expensive and make accommodation easier.

Best Beaches in Kos Island

Spectacular beach amidst picturesque landscape is the reason behind the Island gaining popularity. Many tourists flock to this Island to swim in the tranquil water or to explore the nearby historical ruins. Beach Holidays in Kos are warm and balmy where sun loungers can soak up plenty of sunshine. Start the Paradisiacal journey from Paradise beach. Indeed an ideal beach for a family vacation. There is a specific windy region for water sports.

Marmari Beach is a long stretch of the sandy bay and serene water for a comfortable swim. There are several hotels around to enjoy good food. Thermes Beach is a good escape and gets crowded during peak season. Another name for this beach is the ‘Bubble Beach.’ This is due to the oozing hot spring. The hot springs are a major reason behind its popularity.

Tigaki Beach is dotted with umbrellas and the shallow turquoise water is mesmerizing. Visit the water sports spots if you are interested in an adventure activity.  The calm water makes it perfect for swimming. The shore has plenty of Tavernas to enjoy Greek food and authentic wine.

Historical Sightseeing in Kos

Start from the Agoras, which was a vibrant commercial center of the ancient Kos. Incessant earthquakes destroyed the structure. The ruins cover the oldest 4th century B.C as well as the various successive constructions from different eras. Check out the old city walls and also the Aphrodite and Hercules sanctuaries.

Head towards the Kos Town which is loaded with historical ruins and architectural wonders. One of them is the Casa Romana – a 2000-year-old Roman ruins discovered in 1936. It does provide an amazing insight into the Roman way of life. The ruin was once thriving with affluent Roman society.

Discover the Odeon ruins on the outskirts of the Kos town. It was a meeting place of Senate during the 2nd century A.D. and also a center for elites. The area could take in 750 people at a time.

Asklepion is where the Hippocrates the father of modern medicine received his training and internship. It is located in proximity to kos town and dedicated to Asclepius (God of medicine). People suffering from various ailments would visit this sanctuary for medicine after taking permission from the priest. There used to be a medical school and spa and also a huge statue of Asclepius.

Kos Island is the birthplace of Hippocrates. He started teaching and spreading his knowledge around this Island.  Hippocrates founded the medical school on this Island. There is a Hippocrates tree where he trained many of his students. Visit the remarkable historical place on Holidays to Kos.

Neratzia Castle was built by the Knights of St John in the 15th century. This fortification was done to defend from the Ottoman invasion. It was eventually captured by the Ottomans and became the seat of the power of the commander. The inside of the fort has enough traces material that goes back to the ancient Greek Hellenistic era.

Whitestone cave

Discover the magnificent white stone cave which is approx 140 million years old. The white stone consists of myriad life forms from the pre-historic to the Roman period.  The archeologists believe that it might have been a place of worship and was once habited by early man.

Museums in Kos

It is indeed an extension of the historical tour. The archeological museum in Kos town is the best place to find the artifacts from the ancient Agoras. Hippocrates cultural center is an amazing place for intellectual musings. It is dedicated to the father of Greek medicine and portrays the 5th-century Greek life. There are also seminars on ancient Greek philosophy.

How to Get Around in Kos

Kos Holidays is quite affordable and pocket-friendly when it comes to commuting around the Island. Bus transport is cheaper. However, renting a car or a motorcycle is much preferred and less expensive when compared to the UK.

Good Food in Kos

Enjoy the culturally and traditionally rich Greek cuisine. Food is the last thing to

worry on the Last Minute Holidays to Kos. It is affordable and tasty. The exotic ones are Spinach and rice, Octopus in stuffed tomato. For desserts try Loukoumades. Enjoy the authentic Greek wine which is prepared from the grapes grown from the volcanic landscape. It tastes better and the wine is unique.