Last Minute holidays to Lanzarote | Spellbinding Volcanic Landscape

If in case you desire a fascinating sun-soaked vacation, then the Last Minute Holidays to Lanzarote is an ‘ASAP’ option. It doesn’t matter if you have procrastinated or dragged the holiday plan, the delay and laziness would be rewarding. Check out the best deals and tipsy discounts. Lanzarote is a riveting and holistic destination that would soothe the mind and body. Traveling and finding the best flight is much easier. In fact, lookout for the best flight from the nearby airport and embark on a gorgeous tour. Flying to Canary Island had never been that simple. Hence, make use of the last minute option for a spontaneous vacation.

This fourth largest Canary Island is near to the African continent. The volcanic landscape is well protected and listed under UNESCO. One name ubiquitous to Lanzarote is the Spanish artist Caesar Manrique. He carved the landscape into a magnificent artwork which eventually attracted several tourists. In fact, Caesar

Manrique can be credited in changing the face of this volcanic island and turning it into a magnificent tourist destination. Above all, he achieved it without disturbing the environment.

Best Beaches in Lanzarote

The black sandy beaches are the reflection of its volcanic trait. However, Lanzarote also boasts of shimmering golden sand sparkling white sandy beaches. It is indeed an ideal destination for Beach Holidays. There are excellent surfing spot and diving regions. The long stretch of sandy bays and crystal clear water is certainly enticing to backpackers.

Playa de Famara is situated amidst dramatic cliffs. The volcanic trait is apparent around this beach. The blue water and dark sand blend beautifully, but the winds attract adrenaline junkies for surfing.

If you have the appetite for the thrill, adventure and a sincere yearning to embark towards the unknown then the untamed Playa de las Conchas beach is where you need to go. It is located in La Graciosa isle. Also, an arduous task to reach; first a ferry is required to reach the Isle then 45 min walk and 20 min cycling. However, the moment you step in- the simmering golden sand would mesmerize and also turquoise water around the pristine surroundings would entice.

Playa del Charco de los Clicos may not be the typical sun lounger paradise. But the landscape is dreamlike. Watch the contrasting feature and the blending of red cliffs with black sand. It is indeed a remarkable sightseeing. The lagoon green colored algae formation is a fascinating phenomenon. For swimming friendly experience or snorkeling visit Playa Chica beach; the sea beds are an exception with grouper fish called Felix.

Timanfaya National Park

Explore the unique landscape on Holidays to Lanzarote. It is a geological wonder with otherworldly charm. The landscape resembles the crust of the moon. The reason behind this transformation was a massive volcanic eruption from 1730-36 which led to lava formation and ended up creating a spectacular landscape and dreamlike traits. This incident was witnessed and recorded by the priests.

Sunday Market in Teguise

This gorgeous tranquil town turns lively during Sundays. The town is historic and the best place to know about the history of the Island. However, Sundays are buzzing and a good time to buy a few handmade objects or clothes, maybe a souvenir. Teguise Market is the best place for shopping for those who choose the Last Minute Holidays to Lanzarote. Bargain and get the best deal for the product which would help you on your vacation.

Caesar Manrique Creation

The Island owes to this Spanish artist. Lagomar Museum was designed Caesar Manrique. The unique museum was carved around the cliff which was once calcifies by lava rocks. It is indeed an architectural wonder. The rooms resemble caves; sunset is a breathtaking sight when the rocks turn red.

Cactus garden is another remarkable creation of Caesar Manrique. The arrangement is spectacular and akin to walking in a cactus museum.

Jameos del Agua is a feather in the cap for Caesar Manrique. This is perhaps his greatest achievement. The 7 km long collapsed lava tube was refurbished into a tourist spot. It was a collapsed tube after the last volcanic eruption. There are a natural lake and a concert hall beneath. Also, it is a home of the rare species of Albino Crabs. This species is only found in Lanzarote.

Mirador provides a majestic view of the nearby Islands. It was once a strategic point with a strong fortress to defend from any invasion. The spectacular design seems like a jigsaw built over a rock. It blends beautifully with the rock formation. Delve into the architectural wonders of this great artist on Lanzarote Holidays. It would certainly provide an interesting insight of the Island and its landscape.

Getting Around Lanzarote

Buses are economical; however, there is not much service from the airport. Taxis are available but the service might not be quick during peak season. Hiring a car is the best option available. It is cheaper when compared to the UK. Many companies

provide car service is easier and convenient to travel to remote places.

Delicious Culinary in Lanzarote     

Head towards the El Diablo restaurant and try the exotic grilled meat cooked over volcanic heat. Grilled octopus is another important Canarian cuisine. Enjoy the local seafood and organic goat meat. Mojo sauce is found in many dishes. Relish Canary cheese prepared from goat’s milk. Visit the Vineyards and taste the local wine. Let the holidays bring forth fun and excitement with plenty of good cuisines.