Last Minute Holidays to Majorca | A Perfect Hop to escape Inclement Winter

Majorca is the largest Balearic Island of Spain located in the Mediterranean Sea. Majorca is a spectacular spot to hit on a holiday, to escape the inclement winter climate. As pre-historic inhabitants date back to Neolithic times, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, and Romans left their mighty imprints on Majorca. Hence, Majorca carries its historical roots majestically along its coasts and interiors. Furthermore, Majorca offers a great mix of relaxation, action, and adventure. Discover the intriguing caves of Drach that houses an underground lake. Moreover, hike and bike along the tremendous trails of magnificent hills on the Last Minute Holidays

to Majorca.  Whether you go with friends or families or travel with kids, Majorca has something in store to enthrall everyone.

Historical Places in Majorca

Palma, the capital city of this island houses several cathedrals, palaces, and historical sites. Standing stoutly in the heart of the city, the 14th-century Gothic cathedral of Palma is a top attraction. Of course, the architecture of Antoni Gaudi looks stunning at this cathedral. Furthermore, the captivating stonework and the wonderful lion fountain look arrestingly attractive.

 Built by the king of Majorca in the 14th century, Belver Castle is a must-visit in Majorca. Apart from its attractive circular ground plan, the views of the city of Palma and its harbor offer picture-perfect settings for clicks and selfies.

And also, visit the medieval town of Alcudia during Majorca Holidays. Housing the sturdy fortified wall, the old town of Alcudia is a great place to discover the past of Majorca. Wander through the beautiful cobbled street in the old town by looking at the reconstructed ramparts and walls. Later,   observe the locals and try to understand their culture and daily life by sipping a drink in a restaurant or café at the old town square.

Beach Times in Majorca

The coastline dotted with over 200 beaches, Majorca mesmerizes the beach bums and attracts the adrenaline junks with a variety of water sports. In addition, Majorca beaches are more diverse in nature. North and south boast long swathes of sandy beaches, while the east coast presents pretty coves. And, the high mountains and rocky cliffs overlook the rugged west coast.

 Fringed with pine forests in the surroundings, Cala Formentor is one of the most beaches in Majorca. The turquoise waters and 1 KM long stretch of sand makes it a pretty setting to lounge on a vacation.

Playa de Alcudia Beach is a perfect beach for families. Especially, the kids can play in the white sand and crystal clear shallow waters. Furthermore, the play area and wooden walkways present a wide range of opportunities for children to enjoy their Family Holidays in Majorca. And, the adrenaline junks can indulge in water sports like jet skiing and parasailing.

With a picturesque mountainous backdrop and the long stretch of sand, Port de Pollença is a jewel in the north coast of Majorca. Those looking to soothe their souls in peace, Port de Pollença are a perfect beach to hit on.

However, do not miss to visit Mondrago Natural Park to hit on S’Amarador and Cala Mondrago beaches. Indeed, this is a great place to visit in the southeast of Majorca to get the perfect blend of nature and beach. Finally, the deep blue sea waters at these beaches look flattering while embarking on a vacation in Majorca.

Caves in Majorca 

After exploring the history and having good times at the exquisite beaches, take time to discover the intriguing caves in Majorca. Take a guided tour to discover the interesting caves of Drach. The attractive stalactites and wonderful underground Markel Lake are must-see attractions in Majorca. Furthermore, sailing in a small boat in this lake amplifies your joy on the Holidays to Morocco. Subsequently, do not miss discovering the hidden gems at Coves de Campanet in Tramantana Mountains, Coves de Genova near Palma, Cuevas de Arta at the bay of Canyamel.

Majorcan Gastronomy

Keeping the traditional Spanish style intact, the cuisine of Majorca also has Roman and African influences. Even though most dishes are identical to its mainland Spain, Majorca tries to keep its own tastes and flavors with minor differences. The locally grown veggies like almonds, tomatoes and fresh fish go into most of the

signature dishes of Majorca. Majorcans love to start their mornings by having the Enssaimadas – sweet cakes. Taste the local meat pies called Panadas and enjoy the bites of tasty Tapas during afternoons. Fill your dinner plates with salted cod, fresh squids and sumptuous Paella on Last Minute Holidays to Majorca.

Getting Around  Majorca

Getting around Majorca can be comfortable in buses. Connecting the capital city of Palma, the routes in Majorca re divided into five bus zones. These buses cover most parts of the Island. However, try to make your journeys exciting in Majorca by picking a cycle. These days, Majorca is becoming a popular road cycling destination in Europe. Enjoy the rides on the bicycle watching the spectacular sites on the island. Furthermore, increase your stamina by cycling around the beautiful trails of mountains during this winter.  For more comfort and privacy on the island, hire a car. The solo travelers can hire a motorcycle to roam around the island at their pace.