Last Minute Holidays to Rhodes | A Mystical and Magical Hop on Greece Isle

Graced with glorious sunshine, Rhodes is the largest Dodecanese Island of Greece.  The 200 kilometers of coastline has spectacular beaches that offer a wide range of activities and attractions. Furthermore, the lush green inland between the mountains and beaches is bliss to explore on the Last Minute Holidays to Rhodes. It is not just sun, tan and sea, when it comes to Rhodes. The fascinating history of Rhodes presents a plethora of historical sites, ancient ruins, castles, and ancient temples. The Island of Rhodes impresses one and all with captivating culture and lip-smacking cuisine. Furthermore, sports enthusiasts and adventurists can try water sports, hiking, trekking, and even scuba diving.

The kids can spend joyful holidays in Rhodes at water parks, theme parks, and nature parks. Moreover, the rich Greece gastronomy in Rhodes is a foodie’s delight. Above all, the young tourists can lose themselves in the rhythms and the beats of Faliraki bars and pubs in Rhodes.

Historical Sojourn in Rhodes

Rhodes presents its rich history, heritage, and culture at a glance at every curve and corner of Rhodes old town and other places. About 30 KM away from the capital city, Rhodes, Ancient Kamiros is the must-visit ancient city on the island. A visit to Kamiros introduces a 3000-year-old civilization. This ancient city thrived on agriculture and produced oil, wine, and figs in the early 6th century itself. Meander through the streets and ogle at the age-old structures to discover how Rhodes lived in the past. And also, walk up the hill to explore the ancient acropolis and a reservoir on Holidays to Rhodes. Here, the views and clicks from the hilltop will make the memories of Rhodes live forever with you.

 Also, explore the Village of Lindos. It is a great place to hit on to explore the history of Rhodes at its traditional whitewashed houses and ancient Acropolis. However, Rhodes Old Town is the best place that lets the visitors traverse the history of Rhodes deep and close.  The medieval walls, Castles of St John, public baths and mansions explain every bit of Rhodes’ rich old past.

Beaches in Rhodes

Rhodes coastline is studded with spectacular gems of shimmering beaches. From crowded stretches of sand to secluded quieter coves, beaches in Rhodes offer something for everyone on a holiday. Tsambika beach is on the east coast of the island. Hit this beach with family to spend a peaceful day at the spectacular sheltered bay surrounded by hills. Moreover, this is also a great beach to hit for water sports. Ixia beach is just 5 KM away from Rhodes Town. This beach is a great place to interact with visitors from several countries. And also, a perfect beach for adrenaline junks to immerse in windsurfing and water sports. 22 KM away from Rhodes Town, the combination of crystal clear waters, pebbles, 10 km stretch of sand surrounded by nature, provides an enchanting ambiance on Theologos Beach. Try windsurfing and enjoy delicious food with your families or friends in the nearby tavernas on this beach on Rhodes Beach Holidays.

15 minutes drive away from Rhodes Town, Paradisi beach with white sand, pebbles and crystal clear waters, is more suitable for families and kids. Let your kids enjoy the water sports on this beach, while adults can tan or swim in the shallow secluded waters.

Out Door Activities to Do in Rhodes

The stunning, diverse landscape of Rhodes provides opportunities to do incredible activities. The spectacular nature combined with friendly climate, Rhodes is a paradise for hikers, trekkers, and even walkers. Explore the serene views of nature and picturesque countryside by walking through the traditional villages on Rhodes Holidays.  Rhodes has got some interesting cycling routes in its mountains. Cycle through these routes and get aesthetically ecstatic with the scenic views of blue waters and lush greenery. Furthermore, visit the Butterfly Valley near Theologos  Village. It is a great spot to spend in the abode of nature. However, try to expand the range of thrills by going on yacht and boat excursions to the nearby islands.

Finally, soothe your souls at Seven Springs. This location with natural springs, wooden bridges, and the pine-covered valley is just 30 km away from Rhodes Town.

Rhodes Gastronomy

The authentic Greece gastronomy of Rhodes is a fine blend of tradition and modern recipes. The timeless tastes of Rhodes and Greece spread rich aromas and flavors on a holiday. Local greens, veggies, herbs, olives and fresh fish, meat and seafood make into the gastronomy of Rhodes.  Try to taste a few appetizers like pitaroudia and enjoy the bites of stews made with vegetables. However, extensive usage of honey also adds to the healthy delicacies of Rhodes. While embarking on the Last Minute Holidays to Rhodes, never miss out on the cheeses available in the mountainous villages. Finally, enjoy your holidays by going on wine tours in the vineyards of Rhodes.

Getting Around Rhodes

Buses are the cheapest way of public transport while getting around this beautiful island of Rhodes. One can easily explore the interiors and secluded spots on Rhodes Island by hiring a car or a motorbike. However, there are plenty of taxis that are available at the airport and in the towns to explore the island. Moreover, explore the coastline of Rhodes with the boat trips from Rhodes’ old harbor to Lindos. Finally, organized trips with the support of the guide will provide a more informative trip on Holidays in Rhodes.