Last Minute Holidays to Turkey |A Ravishing Journey on the Turkish Riviera

Turkey is a nation that connects two continents Asia and Europe. Lapped with crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, Turkey looks stunning with world-class beaches and glorious landscape. Last Minute Holidays to Turkey is a boon to go ecstatic on Turkish Riviera with a warm and friendly climate. Assyrians, Greeks, Thracians, Phrygians, Urartians, and Armenians inhabited Turkey at various times in its history. Hence, there are several historical sites and ancient remnants to explore in Turkey. Furthermore, there is a world of activities in cities like Istanbul, Ankara, Marmaris, Bodrum, and Antalya. However, the lush green mountains provide excellent trails for adventurists. Even more, the Blue Lagoon at Oludeniz and the Dalaman Mudbaths entice everyone on a holiday in Turkey. Above all, the Turkish Riviera is also famous for its delicious food and souvenir shopping.

Historical Sightseeing in Turkey

Turkey is a treasure trove of historical sites and places.  Hagia Sophia, Ephesus and Topkapı Palace are few of the most famous historical attractions in the country. However, there are other places like Troy and Cappadocia underground cities to explore on Turkey Holidays. To begin with, visit the 6th century Hagia Sophia museum in Istanbul. It is a spectacular site to explore the stunning mosaics and chapels.  Those who love to explore the ancient Greek and Romans history, visit the historic city of Ephesus. Here, walk down the beautiful streets of this city and discover the jewels of its past at the Library of Celsus, 118 AD Temple of Hadrian, Roman theatre and the Cave of the Seven Sleepers. Topkapi Palace should be must in Turkey’s itinerary. Tourists flock to this palace every year to explore the stupendous architecture, courtyards along with the relics of Prophet Mohammed.

Beaches in Turkey

The sun kissed coastline of Turkey is blessed with spectacular beaches with white swathes of sand and crystal clear waters. Furthermore, the secluded coves backed by pine clad mountains make Turkey a blissful destination for the beach lovers. Located 25 KM from Oludeniz, Kabak is a splendid beach with turquoise waters, white sand and pebbles. Surrounded by pine forests on three sides, this beach is a perfect destination for backpackers and hikers to enjoy the mix of adventure and beach times. Go to Oludeniz to hit on the most famous blue lagoon. Here, the beautiful shades of blue water backed by Babadag Mountain make it a perfect place to enjoy paragliding.

Hit the blue flag Cleopatra Beach at Alanya to engross in water sports and swim in the translucent waters on Turkey Beach Holidays. This beach has excellent facilities and amenities to have fun on the beach. Finally, purchase few souvenirs in the shops and relax with delicious bites at the restaurants on the beautiful palm fringed promenade at this beach.

Things to Do in Turkey

The dramatic limestone peaks of ancient Lycia provide several forest roads, village paths and Ottoman tracks to walk and hike in Turkey. Discover the traditional rural turkey by going past these trails and paths. However, the Ghost Village of Kaya Koyu provides the most intriguing experience of your life on Holidays in Turkey.  Cycle along the river bank at Dalyan and hit the hinterland to discover the hidden gems of Turkey. Furthermore, climb the 17000 ft Mount Ararat. This volcanic mountain along with its beautiful glacier attract thousands of backpackers every year. Close to the proximity of Antalya resorts, Turkey’s Lake District is a beautiful spot to hit on for mountain biking. Indeed, this is a great way to discover Turkey’s unspoiled and incredibly remote locations. And also, one can find the Transhumants still grazing their live stock on the pastures of Mt Ararat.

Turkey Cuisine

 Turkey cuisine is one of the richest and most varied in the world. The delicious gastronomy of Turkey is shaped from its unique region between Asia and Europe along with the migration of Turks. And also, Turkish cuisine is the fusion blend of Central Asian, Middle Eastern, Eastern European and the Greek. Fresh fish is the signature cuisine of Black Sea region in Turkey, while the famous Kebabs dominate the dishes of southeast Turkey.  Turkey loves its Yogurt, Tea and Coffee. Moreover, Turkish breakfasts are rich with butter, eggs and olives. However, the visitors find a variety of delicious dishes that range from traditional Turkey foods to foreign fast foods while eating out in Turkey cities. Finally, Turkey is the fourth largest producer of grapes for wine production. Hence, tingle your taste buds with wine and vineyard tours on Holidays to Turkey.

Getting Around in Turkey

Air connectivity is great across the country in Turkey. State owned Turkish Airlines along with several private companies provide air services in Turkey. Anadolu Jet, AtlasGloba, Pegasus Airlines and Onur Air are the private airlines that connect Istanbul with other cities. And also, one can get around Turkey cities comfortably in intercity bus services. One can hire a car or a bike to roam at one’s pace in Turkey. But, do remember to explore this large country through planes, trains, and buses on Last Minute Holidays to Turkey.